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Reconnecting the Creative Industry


creative freelancers

We're disrupting the creative market space with tech in one hand and heart in the other 🙌.

Look your best, find work and get connected. Free Sign Up.

We'll find you the right talent for your brief today. 

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The Vision 🚀

"Say hello to frictionless creative matchmaking"


We're on a mission to create a hyper connected network of creative freelancers and project briefs. Aided by AI and supported by Peer to Peer recommendations, frictionless creative matchmaking is on it's way.

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Be an early adopter 🙌

Both clients and freelancers are joining our fast growing community. Why don't you?



Hello Clients & Agencies

Access a vast pool of Sweden based talent: from film makers to illustrators, project managers to writers, graphic designers to sound designers.



A professional Portfolio for Free

Made in just a few clicks. Vital info comes first and of course your work will shine 🔥

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Say hello to your Personal AI  Creative Assistant 

Effortless connect talent with your brief or create a talent pool from a single prompt.

Nope. No need to sign up.

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Create Public and Private Talent lists

Collect and share your favourite talent with your team or recommend your trusted crew with the wider community.

Only takes 1 minute

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It’s a one stop shop for all your creative needs. So it’s been a very helpful tool that I’ll be using again!


Cohort Selection 


"Quick, simple and the perfect match! Really great working with the Creative Database."

- Jasmin, Freelance project manager


Company of the Year '23  😎

- Mats, Kommunikation, ICA reklam


How are we unique?🤔

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Our business model is based on an all-access-membership paid monthly fee & not a percentage from each transaction.

As much as we love work and successful transactions, this won't be the defining factor in our measurable success. We want to build a vibrant and intelligent network which creates a flow of possibilities and connectivity from which our members can greatly benefit from.


We're building something that we would have wanted to be the first customers of.

Super quick sign up :)

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More than just a Database 💥

Connecting the right talent to the right project is our main focus but we are also 100% dedicated to promoting every aspect of creativity.


Meet the
Cofounders 👀


We are Tim, John & Erik and have worked within the Creative Industry for 20 years. Working with film, content, design, UX - both as freelancers and employeed at agencies in Gothenburg and London.

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One thing we all had in common was the frustration about the lack of connectivity in our Industry. So we decided to make a change. John // Sales and Film Producer “The constant struggle of finding available photographers in a specific location last minute was, and still is, a nightmare!” Tim // Creative Director and Filmmaker “Coming from the UK, I found the market very closed to new comers.” Erik // Dev. and UX designer “I felt that so many tools on the market lacked intelligent connectivity with great design.” “Where was the Spotify for our Creative Network?” We cried and no one answered. Throughout our career we’d all used Facebook groups, UpWork and portfolio sites but they didn’t put the creative experience first, they all kind of half worked. We all felt there was room for radical improvement. It was from here that we got together, sat round a table and thought, “is there a way to solve this problem?” We wanted to create a platform that: highly values the experience of getting your work published to a wide and relevant audience, builds a community based on trusted recommendations and is a great tool for serious freelancers to find serious work. For the last 2 years we’ve taken it from a sketch to an actual database and are now preparing to take it to the next level of development and intelligent connectivity. At the beginning we talked a lot about digital solutions being the driving force behind the project but it has become evidently clear today that the tech is secondary to what is the core ingredient. You! Our early adopters. The community spirit, your enthusiasm, the will to help us and each other, taking time to give us feedback and contribute to the database. This is the true driving force - one that we didn’t account for when we sat around that table. Everyday we learn something new. We are becoming great listeners, killing our egos and constantly changing tack - but keeping the main vision of creative connection in mind. Thanks for believing in the project. A massive thank you to you all. Let’s do this. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Tim, John and Erik.

Thank you

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